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Sectional Pipe Relining

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Sectional Pipe Relining

Sectional relining is a more practical and cost-effective option to inversion pipe relining when only a small section of the sewer or stormwater drain is damaged or affected. This relining method offers permanent structural restoration for the pipes without having to dig up and replace a section of the pipeline. It is a joint-less method of renovation, and sectional repairs will prevent tree root intrusions, help to improve flow quality, and stops exfiltration and infiltration at the repair location eliminating leaks. Sectional repair pipe relining installation comes in pipe diameters ranging from 50mm to 400mm, and for pipe lengths ranging from 1 metre to 3 metres in length.

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A Permanent Pipe Repair

Sectional pipe relining affects only the damaged section of the drain that needs to be repaired, rather than the entire pipeline. For example, if you have a 20-metre sewer line, only 2 metres of the pipeline may need to be repaired. Using sectional relining gives you the ability to do a point or spot repair anywhere within the line on just that 2 metre section of pipe. Multiple sectional liners can be installed either joined together to create longer repairs or separated and spaced apart within the drainage line where required. This method saves both time and money for everyone involved.

Sectional Pipe relining Example

Pipe to be relined using sectional pipe relining process

Relined pipe cut in half to show sectional liner installed


Sectional Pipe Relining In Sydney

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Benefits Of Sectional Pipe Relining

Sectional liners can be used on horizontal or vertical pipes form either end of the pipe

Change in pipe size or tapers can be lined anywhere with the drainage line

Sectional pipe repair is a permanent solution to crack, broken tree root infested drains

Pipe sizes from 50mm to 400mm and P traps can be relined using sectional pipe relining 

Sectional pipe relining enables us to carry out spot repairs anywhere within the drain line 

Relining multiple bends of 5, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees anywhere in the drain

Multiple resin types and liner curing times allows for faster Liner installation times 

Sectional liners can be installed through a suitable cleanout or a small access point

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