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Pipe Relining In Sydney

Pipe relining Sydney blocked drains is our speciality. Our experienced licenced drainage professionals are highly skilled in all aspects of inversion, sectional, and junction pipe relining for sewer pipes and stormwater drains. We operate dedicated pipe relining vehicles fully equipped with the latest pipe relining technology. This enables us to diagnose and reline sewer lines and stormwater drains quickly and efficiently whether that may be a simple one metre sectional repair to stop tree roots entering the pipe or the installation of multiple metres of liner in one application.

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Our Pipe Relining Services


Inversion Pipe Relining

When longer lengths of sewer line or stormwater drain needs to be relined in one application the inversion pipe relining process is used. Using an installation inversion drum the resin impregnated felt liner on the inside is “inverted” (turned inside out) while being shot down the host pipe using compressed air resulting in the resin impregnated felt being on the outside. The result is a super smooth new stronger pipe on the inside of the old one.


Sectional Pipe Relining

Unlike the inversion pipe relining method where a longer liner is shot through the pipe using compressed air, the sectional pipe relining process involves carrying a short section of liner directly to the affected area using a device called a rehabilitation packer. The packer is then inflated with compressed air for the lining process to be carried out. Once the sectional liner has cured the rehabilitation packer is deflated and removed leaving a permanent repair.


Junction Pipe Relining

Where two pipes connect is called a junction. Junctions come in many different configurations. When a junction is broken, damaged or affected by tree roots a one-piece junction liner can be installed to rehabilitate the connection creating a new junction within the old one. Junction liners can be installed as a one-off installation or can be used to line junctions after the robotic cutter has reinstated a branch line after the inversion relining process.


Robotic Cutting

The main purpose of a robotic cutter is to reinstate branch line connections after being lined over during the inversion pipe relining process. Being a must have multipurpose tool, the robotic cutter can be used for many other difficult jobs required within drainage pipes such as removing large tree root intrusions, grinding away protruding metal and wood, trimming damaged earthenware and PVC pipe, and removing cement, concrete, and grout deposits.

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Service Area For Pipe Relining Drains

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