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Robotic Cutting

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What Is A Robotic Cutter?

Robotic reinstatement cutters are used for several applications in drain maintenance and pipe relining. The main purpose for this technology is to reinstate junction branch connections that have been lined over during the pipe relining process. The robotic cutter is sent down the relined sewer pipe to the junction that has been lined over and used to cut away the part of the liner blocking the branch drain connection.

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Other Applications

Robotic cutters can be used for.

  • Removing blockages and cutting large tree roots mechanical and water jet equipment can't.

  • Cutting protruding obstructions through pipes such as steel rebar and metal or wooden stakes.

  • Grinding away lodged pieces of earthenware pipe and rocks or deposits of cement, grout, and concrete and other foreign objects.

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Cement & Concrete

Metal & Wood

Tree Roots

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A Selection Of Cutting Heads


Whether it's reinstating branch lines after pipe relining or cutting and removing unwanted protrusions, large tree roots, foreign objects or hard deposits from the inside of the drainage lines without the need for destructive excavation there is a specialised robotic cutting head for every application. Here are just a few.


Robotic Cutting In Sydney

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Benefits Of Robotic Cutting

Being able to reinstate branch connections enable the installation of longer liners

Reinstating branch lines enables the installation of junction liners after relining

Reopening branch drains negates the need to start and stop liners within the pipe

Robotic cutters can negotiate pipe bends, junctions and change in different pipe sizes 

Robotic cutters can also be used to cut away and remove large tree root intrusions

Protruding objects into pipes such as steel rebar or wooden stakes can be cut away

Robotic cutters can grind away foreign deposits like cement, grout, and concrete

Robotic cutters are used to remove pieces of earthenware or PVC pipe before relining

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