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Junction Pipe Relining

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What Are Junctions?

Your sewer system is made up of a network of underground pipes both under and on the outside of your home that conveys wastewater to the Sydney Water main sewer system. The network of pipes under your home are called “internal branch drains” and the pipes on the outside are called “external main drains”.​ The waste discharging from each plumbing fixture inside your home flows down its own dedicated “branch drain”. Branch drains from each plumbing fixture are connected under your home with “junctions” and all internal branch drains are then connected to the external main drain system also by way of "junctions". Simply put, a junction is where 2 drainage lines meet and connect, and all homes will have multiple junctions.

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Junction Rehabilitation

Your network of sewer pipes work together to take the wastewater and sewage from your home and convey it through your gravity sewer system to the Sydney Water main sewer line.​ When junctions are damaged or broken junction relining is used to rehabilitate the entire fitting from the inside with a one-piece structural  liner to create a new junction on the inside of the old one making junction pipe relining a cost effective solution to repair damaged junctions of any size or angle under buildings and other structures negating the need to carry out destructive and costly excavation works.

Junction Pipe Relining In Sydney

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Benefits Of Junction Pipe Relining

Broken, cracked or tree root affected junctions can be relined without the need to excavate

Junctions of any pipe size can be relined with a one piece liner in a single operation

Junction relining can be used on multi sized PVC, cast-iron and earthenware junctions

Junction liners come in various configurations

for relining square and slope junctions

Junction relining can be used as a one off repair or used with inversion relining

Junction liners can be extended in any direction with the use of sectional relining

Junction pipe relining is perfect for repairing junctions under concrete slab floors

Junction pipe relining seals the sewer line after robotic cutting to reinstate branch lines

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