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Don't Dig Up Your Landscaping!

Professional trenchless pipe relining Sydney plumbers. We provide drain and pipe restoration without devastation!


Aging Sewer Lines & Stormwater Drains

Broken PVC Sewer & Stormwater Drains

Root Infested Sewer & Stormwater Drains

Pipe Joint Separation Causing Leaks 


Misaligned Pipes & Displaced Joints 

Missing Pipe Sections, Holes & Voids

Damaged, Tree Root Affected Junctions

Collapsing Sewer & Stormwater Drains

All over Sydney people have blocked drain problems. These problems can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive to fix.

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Is there is a way to repair your sewer or stormwater pipes without destruction and an outrageous price tag?

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Welcome to DRAINS ‘R’ US Trenchless, we are licenced pipe relining Sydney Plumbers providing trenchless solutions to permanently fix blocked drain problems for Sydney homeowners without demolition, disruption, and minimum excavation by restoring your existing damaged, leaking, defective or tree root affected sewer or stormwater drains using an advanced technology called Trenchless Pipe Relining.

Pipe relining technology has been around for decades, and there are many alternatives to choose from. While traditional pipe repair and replacement is what comes to mind for most people, depending on the type of blocked drain problems you are facing, plumbing professionals experienced in pipe relining technology can determine which process is best for your drains whether it be earthenware, PVC, concrete, or cast-iron pipes. 


Everything that goes down the sewer drain in your home flows to the Sydney Water main line sewer system. This sewer line can be anywhere from 300mm to over 2 metres below the surface. Sydney Water maintains its own pipes but the sewer pipes between the house and the Sydney Water main line sewer system is the homeowner’s responsibility.


Over time earthenware, concrete and cast-iron pipes age and eventually become cracked, separated, corroded, broken, or even partially collapsed while PVC pipes can become damaged due to improper installation, ground movement or building, renovation, and landscaping works to name a few. This results in tree root intrusion, slow running drains, leaking pipes and sewer backups and blockages…. Yuck! Nobody wants that! When this happens one option for blocked drain repair is to dig a trench over the entire length of the affected sewer pipe and replace it with a new PVC pipe, seems like a good plan right?


The problem is, this method of excavation and pipe renewal requires digging a trench that can cause a massive mess, toppled trees, destroyed landscaping, retaining walls and gardens, and torn up paths and driveways which requires costly reinstatement adding additional costs to what is already, an expensive exercise. Depending on where the pipe is located digging can also be downright dangerous with buried cables, gas, and water lines or electric, internet and telephone services. Bottom line, digging a trench to renew damaged or defective sewer pipes sucks but what choice do you have, you need to dig up the pipe to repair or replace it, or do you?


Depending on the damage to the pipe its depth and location there's a trenchless pipe relining repair alternative that can fix your sewer or stormwater pipes permanently with little to no digging, no mess, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional pipe repairs and property restoration.


The process starts by inspecting the inside of the pipe using a CCTV drain camera, if the pipe meets the requirements, pipe relining equipment is used to install a specially treated flexible sleeve along the interior of the original pipe which then hardens creating a permanent new pipe within the existing pipe. A pipe relining solution that is 4 times stronger than the original pipe making the drainage line leak and tree root proof... Problem solved!


No trenching, no mess, no restoration, and all for less money than traditional sewer line and stormwater drain repair or replacement methods! Isn't it worth a phone call to find out more about our pipe relining solutions?

Our Pipe Relining Process

Our Pipe Relining Process
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We will carry out an assessment of the drainage issue you are experiencing. In most cases this will include an on-site overview and a CCTV camera inspection of the inside of the affected drain to gather the information we will need to provide you with advice about the best solution and accurate pricing. Assessing the drainage issue, providing advice, a solution and price to carry out the work will be provided with a detailed explanation of the proposed work. If you accept our quotation, we will arrange a suitable time to carry out the pipe relining work and supply a written contract for the job.



The pipe relining process requires suitable access to the drain underground for the use of pipe relining equipment for liner installation and the inside surface of drain to be relined needs to be clean. Depending on the circumstances of each job we do, creating access to the drain and/or cleaning of the pipework to be relined may or may not be needed. If existing access is not available this may involve dismantling above ground pipework, removing internal plumbing fixtures or small excavations to access underground pipework. If cleaning is needed, this may involve high pressure water jetting or mechanical drain cleaning processes.


To put it as simply as possible. Based on the pipe relining process used and the individual circumstances of each job the new liner will be cut to length, impregnated with pipe relining resin and either pulled, pushed, or inverted using specialised pipe relining equipment into the drain to an exact location and inflated against the inside wall of the host pipe. Once in place inside the pipe the new liner will then be cured by either UV light, ambient air, hot water or steam to create a new pipe within the old one. The pipe relining equipment is then removed, and the new pipe is ready for use immediately. A final CCTV camera inspection is carried out to inspect and record the finished work.



Require more information about our pipe relining process?

Call today, we are here to help!

Advantages Of Pipe Relining


Pipe relining means no massive trenches all over your property and the subsequent mess, waste removal and restoration costs required afterwards.


Pipe relining is Eco-Friendly which preserves the local environment and also creates less waste and noise compared to traditional dig and replacement methods.


Depending on the size of the job, our pipe relining processes can be carried out, completed and have the sewer or stormwater line back in service in as little as one day.


With no major excavation required there is no need to dig up or destroy landscaping, retaining walls, trees, gardens, or concrete driveways saving your money.


With minimal disruption to your life, pipe relining technology enables you to stay in your home and continue with your family and work routine as usual with no fuss.


Pipe relining does not require mechanical excavators, skip bins, concrete saws or jackhammers which means no plant and time-consuming restoration costs.


Unlike traditional digging and trenching methods pipe relining completely nullifies any structural risk or damage to your home's foundation or structural integrity.


DRAINS 'R' US is experienced and has been in operation since 1959. We have been pipe relining since its introduction into the residential Plumbing market in Australia.


The strength of the pipe relining material is many times stronger than PVC giving improved flow and guaranteed protection from leaks and future tree root intrusion.

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Why Choose Us


On-Time Appointments

The drain business can be unpredictable at times, our 2-hour windowed appointments are designed to allow us the time to be on-time.


Unmatched Pipe Relining Experience

Being in the pipe relining business for over 20 years has enabled us to develop ways of doing things that the competition hasn't thought of yet.


Innovative Pipe Relining Technology

Being specialists in the pipe relining business ensures we stay up to date with the latest drain and sewer pipe relining equipment and technology.


Only Licenced Pipe Relining Plumbers

We provide licenced Plumbers with extensive pipe relining experience which guarantees you get professionals who know exactly what they are doing.


Fully Insured To Protect you & Your Property

Insurance is something that most homeowners don't normally think about. For your peace of mind, we are fully covered with 20 million dollars public liability insurance.

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Pipe Relining Services

Inversion Pipe Relining

The inversion pipe relining method is used when longer lengths of sewer or stormwater drain needs to be relined in one application. Provided suitable access to the underground pipework is available inversion pipe relining can be carried out without the need for any excavation making this pipe relining process a truly no-dig solution for cracked, broken, leaking and tree root infested earthenware, concrete, PVC or cast-iron drains.


Sectional Pipe Relining

Sectional pipe relining is used when a short section of pipe somewhere within the drainage network requires repair. Unlike the inversion method where a longer liner is shot through the pipe using compressed air, the sectional pipe relining process employs a device called a rehabilitation packer that carries a short section of liner directly to the affected area within the drain. The packer is then inflated with air for the lining process to be carried out.


Junction Pipe Relining

The junction pipe relining process can be used to repair cracked, broken or tree root affected junctions of different sizes and angles as a one-off installation or can also be used to reline junctions that have been lined over during the inversion or sectional relining process. After a junction branch connection has been lined over and blocked off, a robotic reinstatement cutter is sent down the pipe to cut open the branch line and a junction liner is then installed.  


Robotic Cutting

The robotic reinstatement cutter's primary purpose is to reinstate junction branch connections after pipe relining by cutting and grinding away the cured lining material to reopen branch lines. They can also be used for a variety of other purposes requiring cutting and grinding within sewer and stormwater drains such as the removal of concrete and other hard deposits, and foreign or protruding objects like metal bars and wooden stakes.  

What Can Be Relined?
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What Can Be Relined?

Straight Pipes, Junctions, Tapers & Bends


Floor Waste, Shower, Gully & Boundary Traps

Service Area

Quality Drain & Sewer Pipe Relining

Across Sydney's Northern Suburbs & Beaches

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blocked drains pipe relining northern beaches sydney nsw

We Service Sydney's Northern Beaches suburbs from Manly in the south to Palm Beach in the North.

blocked drains northern suburbs pipe relining sydney nsw

We Service Sydney's Northern suburbs from Gladesville in the south to Thornleigh in the North.

We Service Sydney's Upper North Shore suburbs from Linfield in the south to Mount Colah in the North.

blocked drains lower north shore pipe relining sydney nsw

Service Sydney's Lower North Shore suburbs from Kirribilli in the south to Chatswood in the North.

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  • Stormwater Pipe Relining

  • Inversion Pipe Relining

  • Sectional Pipe Relining

  • Junction Pipe Relining

  • Robotic Cutting

  • CCTV Drain Inspections

  • Water Jet Drain Clearing

  • Family Owned & Operated

  • Established Over 60 Years

  • Latest Drainage Technology

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